The first group company was established in 1987 under the name Totalnet, which went on to sign a Joint Venture agreement with a leading Italian Pneumatics company. Within 2 years the company changed name to Univer Manufacturing Company Limited. During the 90’s a number of service and distribution companies were established in the UK, Ireland and Australia. The following decade brought significant growth and a series of acquisitions, including Harrison Williams, a CNC manufacturing company, TecnAir Italy, a well-known Hydra-Pneumatic component manufacturer and Pneumatechnique Ltd, a software and control systems manufacturer. In 2008 Univer SpA’s share in Univer Manufacturing Co Ltd was acquired and the Tecnair Group was formed. 

Today the TecnAir Group is a wholly owned UK family business.  The company continues to grow with the acquisition of Pownall Securing Systems Ltd, a manufacturer of vehicle safety solutions. Pownall products link perfectly with UBIS, the Groups specialist vehicle division in Melbourne Australia. Both companies hold patents on brake interlock systems.

In 2011 TecnAir China was established to develop and manufacture specialist valves and gas manifolds for the electronics industry in South-East Asia.

The group currently manufacture a wide range of products across the spectrum of Control and Automation, and has become an innovative manufacturer of high-performance Pneumatic-Hydraulic products, safety vehicle solutions, drives and specialist valves and cylinders. TecnAir have established a reputation spanning almost 35 years and continues to be recognised globally as providers of engineering solutions for the fluid power industry. 

The Directors are committed to growth through continued investment. Our state-of-the-art UK manufacturing facility is situated on the outskirts of Saltaire in West Yorkshire, close to the famous Salts Mill “World Heritage Site” and reflects our ongoing commitment to investment.