Hydraulic Cylinders – VBM Series

Robust Design

Manufactured and tested in the UK, VBM series cylinders are produced from the highest quality materials.

Available in KIT form

The product has been designed for quick and easy assembly, and is available in KITS for local Distributor production. Authorised cylinder production outlets are provided with extensive training and test equipment is controlled and audited by TecnAir technicians.

Quick Delivery

As the product has been designed for fast and easy assembly, delivery can be extremely quick. In addition special modifications can be carried out locally, such as special rod dimensions and mounting arrangements.


Technical Data
Type Standard Magnetic
Operating Pressure (bar) 210 150
Pressure Safety Factor 4:1 at nominal pressure
Bore (mm) 25 to 200 (GVBM 100 max)
Stroke (mm) up to 4000
Operation Mode Double acting
Fluid Hydraulic mineral oil – other fluids available upon request
Ambient & Fluid Temperature (°C) -20 to +80
Dimensional Standard In accordance with ISO 6020/2 (1991), DIN 24554 standards
Construction Tie rod design
Piston Rod Diameters (mm) 12 to 140
Cushions for Bore Sizes 25 & 32 (mm) Non-adjustable cushioning
Cushions for Bore Sizes 40 & 200 (mm) Adjustable (either or both ends)
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